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Welcome to PParts. Our learning and professional development programs stand for practical orientation based on the most up-to-date research. We strive for high interaction, long-term changes and immediate implementation. We combine creative thinking with positive psychology. Furthermore, we bring all of these aspects together with virtual, state-of-the-art solutions.

Our goal is to anchor learning effectively in business situations and to enable changes directly in everyday life.


Hotspot – leading virtual teams


How can managers in virtual teams foster a supportive atmosphere?

Beyond – positive leadership


How can we strengthen openness, flexibility and resilience in teams?

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How can analogue and digital learning be combined in a systematic way?

Covid-19-Crisis – two free Downloads


How does a successful cooperation in virtual space work?

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When are we "At our best"? When do we experience moments that touch us and take us further? Interestingly, we usually don't even think about "learning" when we learn. When we are really learning, we are simply in the flow; we feel the energy and the movement.

This is exactly our understanding of learning. The prerequisites for this are openness, curiosity and inspiration. These elements are the core of how we do things - both in our programs and in the tailor-made solutions.

Our intention is to create momentum for personal development. To achieve this, we provide background knowledge that can be applied quickly and easily. We challenge your personal attitudes. Our goal is to integrate learning directly into your everyday life. Planning, testing, reflecting and anchoring are the essential steps. This is you expand your repertoire and boost your personal growth.

Jörg Reckhenrich & Marlen Neblung

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Jörg Reckhenrich

Jörg Reckhenrich is an artist, systemic coach and consultant. His motto is: "Every person is creative if they find the appropriate access to themselves.” In his work with large companies, SMEs and as a guest lecturer at various business schools, he emphasizes the impact of art and creative thinking. For example, he leads through the approach of art coaching. For example, he leads through the approach of art coaching, which he sees as an original creative process in its own right.

Marlen Nebelung

Marlen Nebelung is a psychological management consultant with a great enthusiasm for art. She works for companies, SMEs and political institutions. For years she has been systematically expanding her work with art in consulting and coaching. She is always enthusiastic about the ease and effectiveness with which art makes it possible to work on difficult issues with a focus on solutions and growth.




Marlen Nebelung
Jörg Reckhenrich


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