Successful teamwork can be perceived through energy and joint results. A prerequisite for this is that the team members meet in an atmosphere of trust. Each team member must know and appreciate the different qualities of the others. Teams that run this way have a certain charisma and achieve demonstrably better results.


These success factors require special attention in virtually managed teams. Therefore, virtual leadership needs an appropriate repertoire. Our program "Hotspot" provides essential elements such as:

- Designing touchpoints - orchestration of interaction in various situations
- Understanding timing - building a compelling story
- Generating energy - offering inspiration and appreciation
- Promoting connections - supporting team members in their strengths and roles
- Communicating goals - making the steps of the daily routine meaningful

The program is delivered entirely virtually. The Talent Miles Web App solution aims for step-by-step implementation in everyday management. It offers feedback from learning coaches and in-depth reflection loops.


Marlen Nebelung
Jörg Reckhenrich


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