"Beyond" aims to address the numerous challenges in today's day-to-day management.

Resilience, flexibility, creative thinking (Growth Mindset) and navigating in open situations are core elements of the program. In "Beyond" everyone works towards their individual main goal. In addition, supportive, strength-oriented topics are covered, which are essential for the repertoire of successful leadership.


The program combines artistic elements with the Positive Psychology approach. Thus, strengths are energized through works of art. Or the main path, the personal challenge, which is the core of the program, becomes visible through an exhibition. The alternation between individual activity, virtual learning, collaboration with other participants and one's own team makes the program particularly lively. We see in many programs the proof that analogue and digital learning complement each other perfectly.

The digital implementation is realized by integrating a participant-oriented, customized solution that was developed in close cooperation with the Finnish company TalentMiles.

A kick-off web-seminar opens the program. This is followed by a series of tasks that are made available via the TalentMiles web application. These tasks support you directly in your daily management work. One or two online meetings and a final web-seminar round off the program. During the entire time you will be supported by the learning coaches. The program conveys the following elements:

- Development of your personal strengths and strength-oriented leadership repertoire
- Clarify your role and the roles of your team
- Develop your purpose
- Define your upcoming development areas
- Get to know your positive leadership repertoire


Marlen Nebelung
Jörg Reckhenrich


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