Friendship with yourself - self-development
in leadership 

The Challenge

No one has an answer for everything. Yet managers and team members alike often feel stuck in old habits and traditional roles. The expectation is always: the manager knows everything. How can people in the company become more self-determined and actively take initiative? 

The approach

The TalentMiles Self-Leadership Programme is based on activity and interaction. Through the question- and action-oriented approach, participants are given new tools for developing themselves, taking initiative and collaborative creation. 

Leadership stems from self-responsibility, regardless of the formal role.


  1. Implementation-oriented activities carried out with the team and the network of the participants
  2. Online kick-off event and follow-up, with additional online meetings during the programme
  3. Daily support through the TalentMiles Web App solution in the company for a period of 3 - 4 month
  4. Scalable for groups from 15 to a large number of participant
  5. Supported by learning coaches 


The TalentMiles Self-Leadership Programme is a fully virtual programme consisting of an online kick-off event followed by a series of learning activities. These are delivered via the TalentMiles web app and through online meetings. Each participant organises his or her own learning progress. 

Thus, an agile and open culture is created in the organisation. 

In addition to these activities, the programme offers input on current leadership approaches from the world's leading research institutes. Thus, it integrates topics such as psychological safety and shared leadership into the company's work routine.

This virtual programme allows participants from across the organisation to take part and can be scaled for groups from 15 to many hundreds of participants. 

Participants are supported by Learning Coaches to ensure that everyone reaches his or her full learning potential. 

We don't rely on lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Instead, we want to open the doors to exploration and new collaboration in the context of everyday working life.