Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership represents a comprehensive development of leaders and teams based on Positive Psychology

The challenge

Since organisations have existed, the question has been asked: What is good leadership. There are as many opinions as there are authors. Positive Leadership offers an evidence-based answer! 

Research shows that positive leadership not only increases the satisfaction and health of leaders themselves and their employees, but also customer satisfaction and economic success.

Our approach

 Positive leadership promotes employees' strengths and encourages and empowers them to act independently. Spaces for communication are used to promote openness, trust and personal recognition. Areas for development are addressed in a profitable way. Meaning orientation and conscious goal and result management are also part of the repertoire of positive leadership. But all of this is also about performance.

Our positive leadership programmes transfer these approaches directly into everyday leadership. 


  1. To recognise and develop core strengths    
  2. Using positive emotions effectively 
  3. Develop reliable relationships
  4. Open up the space for development
  5. Support for the team to thrive
  6. Increase self-effectiveness 

The programme offers participants all over the organisation the opportunity to establish the Positive Leadership approach. 


The programme can be delivered in a hybrid format, with a kick-off and closing day, or alternatively in a fully digital format. The kick-off is followed by a series of tasks that specifically convey the Positive Leadership approach through short learning impulses. These impulses are then tested in practice. Through the feedback of the learning coaches who accompany the participants closely, peer groups and the (virtual) meetings, the experiences are deepened step by step.

Through our question- and action-oriented approach, we create the possibility for the participants to adapt the approach directly for themselves. In doing so, they involve their team and colleagues. In addition, the participants are provided with supplementary impulses on the respective topic and an effective selection of materials.

Our experience shows that the balanced combination of practice and reflection is the prerequisite for effective learning.

The programmes can be scaled - according to need - e.g. as an individualised Leadership Journey with intensive coaching support or with larger groups of up to 50 participants who deepen their learning experience in peer groups.