Getting new employees on board successfully

The challenge

Your company is attractive for new talent. However, there is no systematic process to get them on board quickly and to tap into their strengths, as there are many situations and aspects that the new employees need to target. 


The TalentMiles onboarding programme gives new employees the opportunity to get to know and discover the company in an effective way. 

The programme starts even before the first day of work. This allows the newcomers to be well-equipped to start from day one. Thus, they are more likely to be able to contribute to the company quickly and effectively. 

How do you manage a good onboarding without overwhelming the new talents with a flood of information?


  1. New employees get to know the company even before their first day 
  2. Specific introduction to the essential aspects of the company
  3. Getting to know the structures and specific culture 
  4. Create an easy on-boarding process
  5. Get to know the company within 4 - 12 week


  • Scalable for many participants
  • Promotes networking and reinforces culture