Digital approach

The digital approach needs a good balance between short inputs and concrete implementation in everyday life

The change we are currently observing in business education and consultancy  is fundamental.

Learning, especially in business school programmes, has so far consisted of the proven interplay of: preparatory inputs, classroom days and possibly a follow-up, with subsequent programme documents. 

In very few cases it is checked whetherthe learning is implemented in the daily management practice.

In practice, however, it is often the case that the learning content does not stick as much as was intended, even if "homework" is given along the way. This is hardly surprising. On the on hand, the basic rule is: if 5% of what is learned  is implemented, then that is already a lot. On the other hand, it simply takes practice to change habits. 

It takes time for a different behaviour to become part of one's repertoire. 

Positive psychology, art and systems theory are the basis of our broad canon of methods for our programmes.

Digital work is currently taking up much more space in our everyday working lives and will continue to do so in the future.

We are in a steep learning curve. How can we see learning in the digital space as an opportunity? How can we charge content emotionally and, above all, anchor it more strongly in everyday life? That sounds like squaring the circle. 

Practice shows that analogue can be combined very well with digital and content can be deepened as a result.

With PParts, we consequently break new ground with our programme designs. In doing so, we rely on art and visual elements. We are convinced that digital learning needs more emotionality. 

We develop highly specific content for our programmes 

For instance, we translated a change process, with its multiple challenges, into a series of tasks that intertwine and actively accompany the process .

We work closely with our cooperation partner Talent Miles. The Helsinki-based company has its roots in business school programmes and complementary broad experience with programmes in many companies as well as a broad research background. 

We would be glad to develop a programme for you that you need for your specific change situation or your leadership challenges!