Who are we

When are  "At our Best"? 
When do we experience touching moments that move us forward?

Reflect - Test - Implement are the steps that anchor one's own repertoire.  This is how personal growth happens.

Interestingly, most of the time we don't even think about "learning" when we learn.

If so, we are in a flow, feel energised and momentum. That is what learning is all about. The prerequisite for this is openess, a curious mindset and emotionality. This is the point we are aiming at in our programmes.    


To do so, we provide background knowledge that is easy and quick to grasp. We challenge the personal attitude and emphasise that the impulses of the programmes are integrated directly into day-to-day practice.  

In this way, one's own repertoire expands - personal and common growth emerges.


Jörg Reckhenrich is an artist, systemic coach and has a great passion for positive psychology. His motto is: " Every human is creative." In his work with companies, SMEs, NGOs and as a guest lecturer at business schools, he emphasises the impact of art and creative thinking. For example, he sees the approach of art coaching, as a creative process in itself. He is an alumni of the DGPP.


Marlen Nebelung is a psychological management consultant with great enthusiasm for positive psychology and art. She is always fascinated by the energy of working with this approach and the lightness that comes from integrating art. She is an alumni of the DGPP. She has been working for corporations, SMEs, political institutions and NGOs for 25 years.